Adult/Beer League Goalie Boot Camp Q&A – Goalie Training Q&A – 9.21.23

Happy Thursday and welcome to your September 21st edition of Goalie Training Q&A! If you’re an adult/beer league goalie and are looking for off ice goalie training opportunities, then you’ll want to keep your eye out for the Boot Camp program!  The Beta program testing is off and running so be ready for the official release soon!

Here are the time stamps for all the questions!

0:28       Thanks to all involved in the Beta launch for Beer League Goalies – official release later in the season

1:28       Goalie doing strategic mobility program wondering about tissue flossing? Does it work?

4:50       Speed and core strength program for 10 yo old goalie?

Search: “Youth” or “Young” on GoalieTrainingProTv

6:06       Beer league program has tempos what do they mean?

8:14       Is it normal to have limited hip internal rotation on one side?

11:48    Looked at Boot Camp walk through video and wondered whether ok to do other workouts other than the program?

13:04    15 yo goalie coming to London.  Do you do meet and greets?

14:27    How is Maria feeling after her ultra marathon on the weekend?

17:20    Would Maria ever create a reaction training video where you’re trying to catch as many objects as possible?  Watch here on what videos Maria HAS created  via SwitchedOn app

18:17    Don’t have weights for Beer League Boot Camp.  Is there a recommended weight to work with?

21:04    In butterfly challenge having trouble finding TFL (tensor fasciae latae).  Also, how do you know if your butterfly has improved?

23:20    Has followed Maria for years and looking for Beer League Boot Camp program but is a ball hockey goalie.  Is this appropriate?

25:22    Away and missed Boot camp beta program.  Can still get access?

26:45    Trapper not closing quite right – any suggestions from picture?

GoalieTrainingProTV“How to Break in A goalie Glove – best and fastest”

28:21    What is goalie is 13 ½ yo – would Maria work with them?

30:20    Can get Tydan coupon code?

31:27    Best stretches for hip mobility

See: Butterfly Challenge

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team