Best Pre Game Warmup – Goalie Training Q&A – 5.25.23

Here’s your May 25th edition of Goalie Training Q&A with Maria Mountain!  As an ice hockey goalie do you sometimes feel sluggish and slow to start the game?  See Maria’s answer to this and other questions in this Q&A Edition!

2:05       Is it beneficial to train doing something strenuous/hard (agility ladder, hard run) and then stop and do something that requires focus/calm?

4:06       Is Maria a goalie coach?  (Hint – she’s a strength and conditioning coach!)

4:25       What are your thoughts on 3x pads and gloves? See “Warrior vs Bauer Goalie Chest Protector and Pad Review”

4:36       How do I get better with my left side?

4:50       What can I do pre-game to get feet moving so not so sluggish to start?  See “Hockey Goalie Warm up Before Game”

8:00       Strategic Mobility for Goalies – can I do regular activities on top of it?

11:08     Training and flexibility for 14yo beginner goalie – See “10 Secret Habits of Pro Goalies”

13:09     How many times a week should you do hip mobility training?

14:21     What does the exercise – “SB pushup 3X12-10-8 – 2110” mean?

15:35     Any info on DIY slideboards?  See “The Butterfly Slide for Ice Hockey Goalies | Homemade Slideboard”

16:21     Coming back to the game and experiencing knee pain – what can I do?  See “Butterfly Challenge”

18:34     Having troubles closing butterfly what can I do?  See “Butterfly Challenge”

20:33     Why is stopping low shots hard?