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A strength coach since 1994, exercise physiologist Maria Mountain, MSc has specialized in off-ice training for hockey goalies since 2002.  She has travelled throughout North America and Europe helping goalies of all levels and abilities reach their full potential applying her “inside out” approach to athlete development, a philosophy she has used to help athletes in a variety of sports win Olympic Gold, the Stanley Cup and World Championships.

Carter Hutton

Grant Adams
NCAA D1 Commit

Way back in 2016 I started following some of Maria's work via her Facebook pages (Goalie Training Lap and Goalie Training Pro) and I loved the butterfly challenge she gave out (for free!) which helped me improve my flexibility.  Her programs are easy to follow and if you have any questions, she is always quick to answer plus I have to add that she has a passion for her work that is infectious!  I love her philosophy of building better goalies with fewer injuries and as a 39 year old beer leaguer that's extremely important to me.  I found her Shutout Academy program (which I joined Fall 2017) has really helped me push my on ice ability as well as build better core strength.  If you are a motivated goalie, Maria won't disappoint.


The missing ingredient for so many goalies is they lack the tools to perform on the ice. They may know what to do, but cannot execute it with speed, balance and precision and that is where Maria’s off-ice training programs have been a game changer. Her style of training not only develops a more efficient and consistent goalie, but also a durable one who can enjoy a long and productive career.

Mike Valley
Mike Valley AXIS Talent Management