No Draft Ranking? No Problem. Take that Habs!

With NHL central scouting releasing their interim rankings this week, you see the hopes and dreams of many young hockey players rise and fall.  This made me think of the O.T. goal that gave the St. Louis Blues a win over the Montreal Canadiens. 

Nothing agains the Habs fans out there.  I actually grew up a Habs fan until my roommates in second year of University somehow converted me to a Leafs fan.  I am thinking a combination of psycho cybernetics and subliminal suggestion.  Anyway, I don’t care who my boy Andy McDonald is playing against – I want them to lose!  Even if Andy’s team were playing the Toronto Maple Leafs in game seven of the Stanley Cup final (okay, get up off the floor, stop laughing)…I would want Andy to win.  Now, since I get up for work around 4:30am most weekdays I was not awake to see Andy score this great O.T. winner the other night, but I did catch it on the highlights and rejoiced!!

Pretty good for a guy who was never drafted into the OHL let alone the NHL – young guys out there who are a little small and are getting over-looked.  Hang in there.  Love the game, work hard to be the best you can be and it could happen for you.