How To Break In A Goalie Glove – Best and Fastest ⏱

How To Break In A Goalie Glove – Best and Fastest

Let me show you how to break in your goalie glove – this has been the best and fastest method that I’ve found so far.

Getting new goalie equipment is so exciting, if you’re like me you try on every single goalie glove in the store – but it can also be a frustration when it feels stiff. I find it distracting on the ice when I feel like I can’t get my glove to open wide and close seamlessly.

I’ve had a Reebok, CCM, Vaughn and finally my Warrior goalie glove – some were easier than others to break in.

Here’s what’s in my goalie bag 2020 –

You can also search the video “How To Break In Your Goalie Glove-Keeps33 Method! HD” – that’s the first one I watched that really helped.

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