And The Winners Are…

Hope you all had a great Christmas!  Ours was very nice – we had my Mom, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew over to our place for Christmas dinner.  We made turkey, butternut squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing and broccoli – everything went pretty well – the turkey, stuffing, squash and potatoes were great, but somehow I managed to undercook the broccoli.  Of all the things to possibly mess up?!  It tasted fine – just tasted like raw broccoli!

Yesterday Paul and I were out to do some Boxing Day shopping – we did not need anything, but still managed to get a few things.  I got a North Face t-shirt for $7.50 and we got some speakers for our TV at home.

When I was in Denver a few weekends ago I realized that not everyone has Boxing Day – when I mentioned Boxing Day to people in the States they looked at me like I was crazy – – that same look you get when you say the word ‘toque’ to them.  It is hilarious!

Anyway, Boxing Day comes from the UK (friends in the UK, chime in if I am off-base here) and it is the day after Christmas when the upper class would box up a gift for the servants or items that they would donate to the poor.  In Canada it now resembles what Black Friday is in the States – a time when stores discount their stock and everyone goes crazy shopping!

It is a tradition that we meet up with Paul’s best friend and go to Best Buy and Future Shop at about 7 in the morning – it is fun!

Then in the afternoon we sit down in front of the TV and watch the first game of the World Junior Hockey Championships – Canada trounced Finland yesterday!  The World Juniors are a big Christmas tradition here and everyone gets pretty excited about it!

Anyway – on to the business at hand…Thank you so much to everyone who sent in a testimonial for me to use.  I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out like this.  So here is how I selected the winners – for each written testimonial, you got one ballot entered.  If you sent in a photo then you got two ballots and if you did a video testimonial you automatically got three ballots.  Then I drew three ballots at random – and the winners are…

And the winners are…

  • Adrian Dawe
  • Michelle Cormack
  • Steven Altman

So here is what you need to do…please email me and let me know which program you would like me to send you for FREE!  Please put “Contest Winner” in the subject line so I can find your email easily in my inbox!  Congratulations to you three and thank you again so much!