Need A Comprehensive Goalie Specific Off-Ice Training Programs - here are a few options for you…

Butterfly Challenge

Your free QuickStart program that delivers a 3-5” wider butterfly flare in two weeks or less.  It is your first look at how even simple goalie specific strategies pay huge dividends on the ice.

The app includes video tutorials of each and every exercise, you can easily get this done in less than 10-minutes per day.  #noexcuses

Strategic Mobility

I designed this program for pro, college and junior goalies who have an outstanding strength coach already working with their team.  That strength coach doesn’t just have you doing the same stuff as all the skaters do, but gives you specific exercises and drills to address your hip internal rotation, your strength in those lengthened positions, bottom up strength for powerfully pushing out of your butterfly, your hand eye training and rotary power so when you snap your head and shoulders around to track the puck, your hips come along.

So you have a lot of the pieces of the puzzle there, but I know from experience that your missing the goalie specific mobility piece.  Stretching is not enough. 

This is a 6-week periodized pro style mobility program - check out all the details here…

Strategic Mobility For Goalies

Shutout Academy

This progressive program is for motivated goalies who are serious about playing to their potential.  You cannot just play hockey or continue doing the same old workout and expect to reach your potential.

The Shutout Academy maps out exactly what you need to do for strength, speed, stamina, mobility and hand-eye training.  There is no guess work, it is not a laundry list of exercises.

New training modules created each month following a progressive periodization scheme.

Every workout, set, rep and tempo is mapped out for you with VIDEO TUTORIALS for each exercise and a private member’s only Facebook group where you can ask me questions about your training and join a community of motivated goalies like you who face highs and lows in the quest to become the go-to goalie in your league.

This program only opens for enrolment three times per year at the start of a new periodization cycle.


Shutout Academy


This is where goalies who believe they have the potential to play in their dream league (and who don’t want to waste their time guessing at the best way to get there) come to take the straight line to success.

You can live anywhere in the world to participate in this program it is delivered entirely online.

I custom design all your workouts to suit your strengths, weaknesses, injury history and your schedule.

Each month we hop on the phone for a coaching call and you get unlimited access to me via our private messaging app.

THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY FULL, but you can apply HERE and get on the waiting list

Turning Pro Coaching Program