Whatever You Do, Don’t Do THIS (even if you are behind in your training)

It is normal to feel panicked; you should feel a little panicked at this point, that is normal. If you have not been keeping up with your training over the…

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Bottom Up Training For Goalies – ADVANCED

You might recall a few months ago we did an entire “Bottom Up Goalie Training” series showing you ways to ensure your joints were doing the job they are intended to do. I explained the importance of proper function at the ankle, knee, hip, spine and shoulder, then went over some maintenance exercises that would help keep the injury bug at bay.

At that time I offered to do an advanced series and there was a good response to that offer, so here it is – the Advanced Bottom Up Training for Goalies series. We will once again start at the ankle.

In the video below we will explore dynamic mobility and stabilization of the ankle joint including:

The three planes of movement at the ankle (1:30)
– Building calf strength while developing balance and stability in the most vulnerable position for the ankle (2:35)
– Working tibial rotation at the ankle joint which really works the muscles of your lower leg, but also your hip (3:20)
– A nice lunge matrix that fits perfectly into any dynamic warm up – READ: This would be a good one to do before games & practices (4:30)

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