Olympic Power For Hockey Goalies And Skaters #Rio2016

Well – – you might not be ready to take on the Olympic weightlifting in Rio this summer – that would be a pretty quick progression I guess, but you…

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No catch with this power lift…

During the hockey off-season, I use the Olympic lifts with our skaters and goalies. We use do Power Cleans with the barbell and typically do single arm DB Snatches. Although…

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7 Glute Activation Exercises For Hockey Players (video)

Hope the week is treating you well so far – thrilled to see the Blues rolling vs. the Sharks (sorry Jonny :)) I hope they keep that going. Interested to see if some refs will actually show up to the Pittsburgh – Philly game tonight and if the boys will actually play some hockey. Hope so.

This is a quick post today as I wanted to make good on my promise to show you video of the exercises I mentioned in the post about how glute activation enhances leg power in athletes. The research study looked at leg power in Aussie Rules Footballers but leg power is leg power, so adding this to your dynamic warm-up will enhance your leg power too.

The study looked at the effect of doing one set of 10 repetitions for each exercise….cue the video.

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