7 Things I Learned from Charles Poliquin

Here are the top 7 things I learned from Charles Poliquin that could apply to your off-ice hockey training.

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In-season off-ice circuit for goalies – no equipment needed.

How is has your week been? Mine was going great until this morning when I realized I accidentally deleted all the edited videos of my next product that I was trying to release for mid-October (insider hint…it is for you goalies). That was about 20-hours of work down the drain…oh well, back to the drawing board. I am on it, I will redo the videos and get that new training system out to you soon. Stay tuned for details, sneak peaks and of course insider discounts.

Okay, enough of my complaining, aren’t you so happy to see NHL hockey back on TV? I was thrilled to catch the first few pre-season games, it feels like it has been a very long summer. With your summer off-ice training behind you, I hope that you don’t think that you are done with working your stability, strength, speed and stamina. As promised, this off-season circuit is for hockey goalies specifically and I hope you enjoy it.

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How much strength and speed will YOU lose this season?

Hope you are having a great week so far. Things here are going well – back into the regular routine with my mixed high school groups. The hockey players have all shipped off to training camps, with the NHL guys getting under way on Friday, September 17th. This year I had a few guys who are looking to make the move from the AHL to the NHL so it is an anxious time as we wait to see how camp goes and where they can fit in with their NHL team. I will keep you posted.

Most of the junior kids have been away from training for a few weeks as they went through their try-outs and now they are filtering back in for their maintenance workouts 1-2 times per week at the Revolution Conditioning studio. I already see a loss of strength, just in two weeks so today I am going to give you an in-season circuit that you can do at home or at a basic gym. It will take no longer than 20-minutes and it will help keep you strong, stable and powerful.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Off-Ice Training

Today I want to share with you the 7 Deadly Sins of Off-Ice Training, well maybe they aren’t deadly, but don’t do them anyway. So without further delay, here they are:

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Part 2 – London, Ontario pro off-ice hockey training

Here it is …part two of the video showing you the exact off-ice workout that some of the pro hockey players went through at my Revolution Conditioning studio in London, Ontario. This one gets into the new meta-circuits I am using to train the hockey players this off-season.

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Pro Hockey Off Ice Workout – part 1

As promised here is video of a complete off-ice workout I took some of my pro hockey players through earlier this month. It took longer than I thought so I have split it into two videos – I will finish editing the rest of the video and post it early next week. For now check out part on of the pro hockey training off-ice workout.

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Build balance and strong legs for hockey.

Later this week I will share one of the exact workouts I used for training my pro hockey players this summer. I have been really working on being efficient with our time in the gym. My goal is to give them maximum benefit with minimal time. Anything we do has to help make them a better performer on the ice or reduce their risk of injury. All of the ‘fluff’ has been cut out. If you are spending 2 hours on your weight training, then you do not know what you are trying to train – you are just putting in time and hoping that some of the exercises you are doing will make you better.

Today I am sharing one of the exercises that does just what I have described above. It builds strong powerful legs for skating with the requirement for a rapid push and it improves your balance which will not only make you stronger on your skates, it will also train your ankle, knee and hip stabilizers to help reduce your risk of injury. Check it out in the video.

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Off ice drill to make hockey players faster off a change of direction.

Today I want to share with you an exercise that I use on the ice and off the ice to help hockey players explode off their change of direction. I think there are many players out there who waste the first step of their cross over start and this drill will hopefully teach you not to do that and as a result, instantly put you half a step ahead of the competition.

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Three off-ice power and core exercises for hockey goalies and skaters.

Okay, on to today’s feature – this is a three exercise off ice power and core circuit for hockey goalies and skaters. The training rope is a fairly new tool so you may not have access to one, you can do some heavy bag punching as an alternative or some bungee punches. I hope you enjoy the circuit!

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Two new TRX exercises to build hockey player’s hips.

Hi Gang,

Hope you have had a great week! These two TRX exercises help hockey players build the outside of the hip (striding muscles) and your core/groin muscles (stabilizing and recovery). Check them out!

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