Complete Strength Workout For Goalies | In Season

Complete strength workout for goalies to use in season. During the hockey season your off ice strength training should focus on your strength and explosive speed, while keeping your hips…

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Build balance and strong legs for hockey.

Later this week I will share one of the exact workouts I used for training my pro hockey players this summer. I have been really working on being efficient with our time in the gym. My goal is to give them maximum benefit with minimal time. Anything we do has to help make them a better performer on the ice or reduce their risk of injury. All of the ‘fluff’ has been cut out. If you are spending 2 hours on your weight training, then you do not know what you are trying to train – you are just putting in time and hoping that some of the exercises you are doing will make you better.

Today I am sharing one of the exercises that does just what I have described above. It builds strong powerful legs for skating with the requirement for a rapid push and it improves your balance which will not only make you stronger on your skates, it will also train your ankle, knee and hip stabilizers to help reduce your risk of injury. Check it out in the video.

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Two new TRX exercises to build hockey player’s hips.

Hi Gang,

Hope you have had a great week! These two TRX exercises help hockey players build the outside of the hip (striding muscles) and your core/groin muscles (stabilizing and recovery). Check them out!

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Off Ice Hockey Training Interview with Kevin Neeld

Maria Mountain and Kevin Neeld sit down to talk about some of the best and worst off ice training exercises for hockey players.

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New article! Two hockey conditioning drills to cut down on penalties.

I just posted a new article outlining two hockey conditioning drills that can help you cut down on penalties. The goalies have been getting so much attention, this article is specifically for the skaters!

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Any hockey players want to improve leg strength and decrease groin injuries?

If you are one of those hockey players who would like to improve your leg strength and decrease your risk of groin injury, then this is a great exercise.

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