Three Ways For Hockey Goalies To Get A Wider Butterfly Flare in 2024

Top 3 Ways Goalies Get A Wider Butterfly 2024

If you’re an ice hockey goalie looking for a wider butterfly flare, these 3 techniques are quickest and most effective way to enhancing that critical save selection. It’s all about…

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How To Fit Everything You Need for 2 Weeks – Goalie Training Camp Travel

Goalie Training & Travel Part 1 Carry On Only

Join Maria as she packs for her goalie training camp trip with New South Wales Ice Hockey! She’s been invited to Australia to work with their goalies, coaches, and clubs,…

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Best Goalie Strategies for Injury Prevention in Ice Hockey

Hockey Goalie Injury Prevention 2.0 Hips, Knees, Ankles, Back

Check out this week’s episode of Goalie Training ProTV, where Maria shares the ultimate off-ice training guide to keep ice hockey goalies injury-free between the pipes. Not all injuries are…

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A Simple Workout for Ice Hockey Goalies at Home or on the Road

Hey There Goalie Warriors! In this episode of Goalie Training ProTV, Maria shows how ice hockey goalies can get maximum workout results with minimal equipment. Perfect for that quick at…

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Speed Shuffle Drills for Ice Hockey Goalies – Essential For Saves

Ice Hockey Goalies: Speed Shuffle Drills

Jump into our latest YouTube Video, where we explore the crucial skill of mastering faster shuffles for ice hockey goalies. Agility & quick lateral movements are more important than ever…

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What’s In The Bag | Hockey Goalie Gear

If you are interested in learning about mid-price point gear rather than just pro level, you will definitely want to stick around. In today’s video, we will talk all about…

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Hockey Goalie Warm Up Before Game

Are you willing to invest less than 10 minutes to kick your game off with FIRE? Follow along as I walk you through a quick and EFFECTIVE off-ice warm-up, that…

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Best Off Ice Exercises For Beginner Hockey Goalies | Adults

In today’s episode I will guide you through a beginner goalie workout for adult goalies who are just starting out, OR are coming back to a completely different position after…

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Crease Shuffle To Powerful Pushes | Goalie Training

Ian Clark got me thinking, and when I get thinking, I need to find an answer or make a plan. And so, I did. Let’s talk about HOW to work…

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How To Do The Splits | Hockey Goalie

Sorry I had to be the one to break it to you, but… …your anatomy may be the reason you cannot do the splits, despite your ‘best efforts’ to get…

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