Just Launched! Varsity Goalie Academy: Off-Season Training for Elite High School and College Hockey Goalies

Varsity Goalie Academy for Elite Ice Hockey Goalies

Hey there hockey goalies!  It’s (finally) off-season and you know that means its time for hockey goalies who are ready to level up. The Varsity Goalie Academy is your off-ice…

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Behind The Scenes: A Day In The Life of a Traveling Strength Coach!

behind the scenes australia

Join Maria on a journey Down Under as she takes you through a day in the life of a traveling strength coach working with New South Wales Hockey in Australia! …

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Best Goalie Strategies for Injury Prevention in Ice Hockey

Hockey Goalie Injury Prevention 2.0 Hips, Knees, Ankles, Back

Check out this week’s episode of Goalie Training ProTV, where Maria shares the ultimate off-ice training guide to keep ice hockey goalies injury-free between the pipes. Not all injuries are…

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Goalie Training Pro Off Ice Training Programs – Goalie Training Q&A – 11.23.23

Are you an ice hockey goalie and don’t have a structured training program?  Did you know that if you’re creating your own program by putting “random” exercises together you probably…

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Winning in Net: The Blueprint To Becoming The Starting Goalie

Are you an ice hockey goalie and spending more time on the bench than you’d like?  Tune in to this video to learn what three things you should STOP doing…

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From Gym To Crease: The Impact of Tempos on Goalie Strength Training!

TEMPOS Do you have them in your workouts?  Do they really matter?  The short and long of it is YES they do!  As an ice hockey goalie, mastering these tempos…

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How To Train Your Groins | Hockey Goalie

It’s not a surprise that having a strong groin is super important as an ice hockey goalie but is it enough? No it is not. Watch this video to find…

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When you should see a physiotherapist – Goalie Training Q&A – 7.27.23

Welcome to the July 27th edition of Goalie Training Q&A!  Are you an ice hockey goalie and have had nagging injuries or haven’t quite felt right while in goal?  Make…

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How To Train Your Hamstrings | Hockey Goalie

Is it enough to have strong hamstrings as an ice hockey goalie?  If you think so, what is the best way for you to strengthen them?  Make sure you tune…

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How To Get Strong In The Gym | Off Season Goalie Training

It’s no secret that ice hockey goalies need to be really strong, but is it a secret in how you can train to get there?  Watch this video to get…

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