Quick Recovery, Better Speed and More Power: Off Season Conditioning For Hockey Goalies

Conditioning For Hockey Goalies | Off-Season 1

Hey There Tendys! Do you need a little quicker recovery on the ice so you can keep your speed and power when your team goes down a man in the…

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How To Enhance Flexibility and Reduce Injury Risk for Hockey Goaltenders Using ELDOA

ELDOA Method for Goalies Enhance Flexibility, Reduce Injury Risk

Join Maria today as she brings you into the world of ELDOA – a transformative method designed by osteopath Guy VOYER. Learn how the ELDOA method can be appleid for…

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Goalie Gear Review 2024 | Vaughn SLR4 Chest Protector and Pants

Vaughn SLR4 Chest & Pants

Hey Ice Hockey Goalie Gear Nerds! Dive into this week’s episode of Goalie Training Pro TV with Maria Mountain and Vaughn Custom Sports.  Head to the showroom (located in Maria’s…

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Best Goalie Strategies for Injury Prevention in Ice Hockey

Hockey Goalie Injury Prevention 2.0 Hips, Knees, Ankles, Back

Check out this week’s episode of Goalie Training ProTV, where Maria shares the ultimate off-ice training guide to keep ice hockey goalies injury-free between the pipes. Not all injuries are…

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How to Unlock Your Muscles with this Essential Recovery Routine for Goalies

Are you a hockey goalie who struggles to relax after a big game? Join Maria in today’s Goalie Training ProTV video for a post-ice recovery and relaxation routine as one…

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Goalie Training: Balancing Flexibility and Mobility for Optimal Performance

Hey there, Ice Hockey Goalies! Your off-ice goalie training routine probably involves some stretching. And while stretching is important, it’s the combination of flexibility and controlled movement that creates true…

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How To Fix Your Feet with These Essential Goalie Exercises

Uncover the often-overlooked secret to ice hockey goalie success in our latest video, where we dive into the world of foot strength and agility, a game-changer for those with flat…

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From NHL to Olympic Gold: Jersey Collection in the Goalie Training Lab

Many of you will have noticed the jerseys in the background of Maria’s lab in the Goalie Training Pro videos.  Tune in today to learn about the incredible athletes and…

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Fitting Gear Back In Bag | Ice Hockey Goalie

Are you an ice hockey goalie and looking for ideas on how to fit your goalie gear in your bag?  It can be as frustrating as trying to roll up…

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What’s In The Bag | Hockey Goalie Gear

If you are interested in learning about mid-price point gear rather than just pro level, you will definitely want to stick around. In today’s video, we will talk all about…

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