Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A

Okay – on to the task at hand. Time for another installment of… Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A – Part 1
This one got so long that I decided to split it into two. Today I will answer questions about…
– medicine ball exercises
– I want to do UGT 2.0 because I am very competitive – but I am also super busy – what should I do?
– starting your hockey/goaltending career later in life
Get all the answers in the video below and stay tuned for part two later in the week.

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The Top 5 Goalie Training Trends for 2012

So with the advent of a new year it seems natural to look back on the year that was and to look forward to the year ahead. On Monday I took a glimpse back at the top goalie training posts from 2011 and today I am going to share what I think will be some of the top training trends for 2012 and my personal goals for the year – I am pretty sure I will get the beer drinking one, but the 225lbs lifting goal will be tough!

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Win a FREE Goalie Training Program: Here’s How.

I need your help and I am willing to offer something in return. Here is what I need. I need some awesome testimonials that I can use on my websites, sales pages, print advertising, webinars, products – basically everywhere. As you know my mission is to help 10,000 goalies win more games with fewer injuries even if they do not have the genetic gifts or natural talent of their competitors.

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