How Hockey Goalies Avoid Getting Slower

How to avoid getting slower Hockey Goalie Training

Hey Ice Hockey Goalies! Are you still struggling to find enough speed on the ice even after intense training in the gym? It’s a common problem and it’s not your…

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Off-Season Hockey Training and Core Exercises for Goalies – Goalie Training Q&A – 05.09.2024

Join Maria Mountain for this week’s Live Q&A and learn about the just launched Beer League BootCamp Off-Season program for ice hockey goalies!  You can save with a huge discount…

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Just Launched! Varsity Goalie Academy: Off-Season Training for Elite High School and College Hockey Goalies

Varsity Goalie Academy for Elite Ice Hockey Goalies

Hey there hockey goalies!  It’s (finally) off-season and you know that means its time for hockey goalies who are ready to level up. The Varsity Goalie Academy is your off-ice…

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Goalie Gear Review 2024 | Vaughn SLR4 Chest Protector and Pants

Vaughn SLR4 Chest & Pants

Hey Ice Hockey Goalie Gear Nerds! Dive into this week’s episode of Goalie Training Pro TV with Maria Mountain and Vaughn Custom Sports.  Head to the showroom (located in Maria’s…

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Goalie Training: Balancing Flexibility and Mobility for Optimal Performance

Hey there, Ice Hockey Goalies! Your off-ice goalie training routine probably involves some stretching. And while stretching is important, it’s the combination of flexibility and controlled movement that creates true…

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A Simple Workout for Ice Hockey Goalies at Home or on the Road

Hey There Goalie Warriors! In this episode of Goalie Training ProTV, Maria shows how ice hockey goalies can get maximum workout results with minimal equipment. Perfect for that quick at…

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From Good to Great: W.O.O.P. Goal Setting for Ice Hockey Goalies

Discover the power of goal setting with your “From Good to Great: W.O.O.P. Goal Setting for Ice Hockey Goalies”. This video is a must-watch for ice hockey goalies at any…

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Youth Training Program Opportunity – NEXTGEN Academy – Goalie Training Q&A – 12.21.23

Welcome back to Goalie Training Q&A where Maria is answering many questions about opportunities for youth goalies.  If you have a goalie who is in the 10-13 year age group…

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FAI in Ice Hockey: A Deep Dive into Hip Impingement for Goalies

Not all hip pain in hockey goalies is femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), but sometimes it is and if you don’t understand what it is, what it feels like and how to…

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Functional Strength Training: The Secret to Elite Goalkeeping

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Functional Training—a game-changer for ice hockey goalies. If you’ve been relying solely on machine-based or powerlifting workouts, you might be missing out…

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