Start Here! Off Season Goalie Specific Training For Ice Hockey, Phase 1: INSIDE OUT APPROACH

Off Season Training For Hockey Goalie Specific Phase 1

Hey Goalies! Are you struggling with where to start your off-season program? Dive into this episode of Goalie Training ProTV with Maria Mountain where she maps out the off-season training…

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Three Ways For Hockey Goalies To Get A Wider Butterfly Flare in 2024

Top 3 Ways Goalies Get A Wider Butterfly 2024

If you’re an ice hockey goalie looking for a wider butterfly flare, these 3 techniques are quickest and most effective way to enhancing that critical save selection. It’s all about…

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Off-Season Hockey Training for Youth, Varsity and Adults – Goalie Training Q&A – 04.04.2024

Join Maria Mountain for this week’s Live Q&A where she chats all things off-season ice hockey goalie training.  She breaks down the differences between the NextGen, Varsity and Beer League…

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Behind The Scenes: A Day In The Life of a Traveling Strength Coach!

behind the scenes australia

Join Maria on a journey Down Under as she takes you through a day in the life of a traveling strength coach working with New South Wales Hockey in Australia! …

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Three Simple Drills to Transform Your Butterfly Slides & Pushes for Power in the Crease

Hey goalies! Are you struggling to move efficiently in your butterfly? Check out Maria’s latest YouTube video to develop a superior Butterly Push and Butterfly Slide. These super simple exercises…

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Holiday Training Exercises – Goalie Training Q&A – 12.28.23

Happy Holidays from the Goalie Training Pro Team!  A quick Q&A today but be sure to tune in to get some ideas of exercises you can do you as an…

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Youth Training Program Opportunity – NEXTGEN Academy – Goalie Training Q&A – 12.21.23

Welcome back to Goalie Training Q&A where Maria is answering many questions about opportunities for youth goalies.  If you have a goalie who is in the 10-13 year age group…

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Goalie Training Pro Off Ice Training Programs – Goalie Training Q&A – 11.23.23

Are you an ice hockey goalie and don’t have a structured training program?  Did you know that if you’re creating your own program by putting “random” exercises together you probably…

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Youth Goalie Training Programming for 10-13 year olds – Goalie Training Q&A – 11.16.23

Do you know an ice hockey goalie in the 10-13 year old range?  Or are you one?  Then make sure to keep your eyes out on the Youth Training Beta…

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Functional Strength Training: The Secret to Elite Goalkeeping

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Functional Training—a game-changer for ice hockey goalies. If you’ve been relying solely on machine-based or powerlifting workouts, you might be missing out…

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