New way for goalies to develop specific stamina

tired athlete after goalie training

By a happy coincidence, one of you asked via Twitter for a new energy system exercise and that is exactly what I have for you today. As promised in my email the other day when I gave you a complete phase one off-season workout for goalies, I am going to share with you a few…

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EOTW: How To Add Resistance To Goalie Agility Drill

EOTW: How To Properly Add Resistance To the V-Drill If you missed the post earlier this week on the proper (and improper use of resistance in speed and agility training), make sure you check it out here first, so this post will make more sense to you. For short duration, tight quarters agility training, we…

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You have to stop if you want to GO [Goalies]

Well, I might burst at some point in the next two weeks – just so you know.  The Olympic games open tomorrow so that will be awesome, I love watching the Games every time they come around.  The Winter Games are always my favourite.  I am pumped to see the cross country skiing, the alpine…

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