Bottom Up Dryland Goalie Training: The Knee

Continuing on with our bottom up approach to dryland goalie training today we will move up to the knee. The knee is fantastic and bending and straightening (flexion and extension), that is its forte. The knee is not great at rotating or side bending. So the goal of training is not only to maximize its performance in the strong positions, but also to train the muscles that will help keep it out of its vulnerable positions.

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Dryland Goalie Training Q&A: Episode 6

I wanted to clear out my inbox and take a few minutes to answer your dryland goalie training questions. In today’s episode I cover:

* What are the best exercises for rehabbing a surgically repaired meniscus?
* How do you get back to training after an ankle sprain?
* What should you expect in terms of dryland goalie training at your hockey camps this summer?
* If you don’t sweat like crazy during your workout are you training hard enough?
* What could it mean if you cannot comfortably squat below 45 degrees?

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