Off-Season Hockey Training and Core Exercises for Goalies – Goalie Training Q&A – 05.09.2024

Join Maria Mountain for this week’s Live Q&A and learn about the just launched Beer League BootCamp Off-Season program for ice hockey goalies!  You can save with a huge discount…

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3 NEW Core Exercises For Any Goalie

I used ‘the Twitter’ last week to ask what you needed. What areas of the body did you want a new exercise for? You answered loud and clear >> THE…

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Three New Core Exercises For Goalies…

As you get more advanced with your training, you will find that your core training looks less and less like what you think “core” training should look like. There certainly…

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You need a divorce.

Did I get you with that headline? Hope none of you stopped reading at that and went straight to the phone to call your lawyer. Put down the phone and let me explain how you need to divorce something from your off-ice training.

I cannot remember who it is off the top of my head, but there is a strength coach who talks about coaches, trainers and athletes who are ‘married’ to an exercise. You know the type – they are nice, smart, honest people who choose a spouse who lies, cheats and steals.

You finally get the courage to tell your friend ‘the truth’ about their spouse – thinking you are doing them this great favour – letting them know that the one they love is actually doing them long-term harm. You are saving them from pain and suffering down the road – you are a good friend.

So you give your friend the facts and what is their response?

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New! Ab Circuit for Hockey Players

I have put together a nice ab circuit for hockey players that will build a stronger core while reducing your risk of injury.

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3 Stability Ball Core Exercises for Hockey Goalies

If you take away all of a goalies muscle and connective tissue, what you have is a skeleton with some guts wearing goalie pads. Can that bag of bones stop a puck? No way, there would be no way to move in the crease or do a spectacular glove save. So let’s add the muscles back to your arms and legs so you can move. Would that be any better?

Nope, not at all – the muscles acting alone on the arms and legs would pretty much pull the skeleton to pieces. So the next layer we need is the core. Now we can move as a functional unit. Check out the video below to learn more about three of my favourite off-ice core training exercises for goalies.

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