Chest, Triceps, Core, Hips – do this one ANYWHERE.

The new bodyweight core exercise for hockey players that I put out last week got a great response last week and I think that was for two reasons… Reason #1…

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Save $30 and why hockey players should do chin ups.

I had a question posted over at the blog in response to my post last week on “How Hockey Players Can Dominate Chin-ups”. He asked how chin-ups could help a hockey player. Good question – I posted a little video to explain my thought process – you can check it out by following the link below.

Also, remember that the Rapid Response Goalie Training system goes on sale Tuesday, November 16th and I am giving you $30 off the base price, so for a limited time you can get it for only $67 before the price goes up to $97. As soon as it goes on sale Tuesday morning (and it will be early because I start training clients at 6am ET) I will post the link over at

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