Maria Mountain
Maria MountainGoalie Training Specialist


review1-compressor “After using her program I have had the smoothest transition from the gym onto the ice of my professional career. Her attention to detail of my specific needs elevated my strength and conditioning, eliminated a chronic injury and improved my flexibility. Not only does her program work for me in the summer but I consistently refer to specific movements and stretches during the season to maintain.”
– Carter Hutton – NHL Goalie

post2 “Before working with Maria, I was suffering from constant hip stiffness that was threatening my career and my ability to play at a high level. Maria has single-handedly saved and prolonged my career. For specializing in specific goalies needs, she’s the best I’ve worked with.”
– Kevin Beech – European Pro

post2 “Training with Maria turned out to be one of the best decisions I made all year regarding my training. In the beginning I was unsure, the thought of working with a new trainer whose ideas were different than anyone’s I had worked with before felt a little disconcerting. It surpassed all my expectations, not only did I come out of the off-season in great shape, but my body was healthier and more mobile than it ever had been going into the season.”
– Seth Carter

“Maria has helped me improve basically my all around game. I wasn’t on the ice for about a month and was just doing the training. But when I finally got on the ice again everything felt easier and quicker moving around the crease. Thanks so much!!!”
Cam T. – 15 y.o.

Brandon “I saw instant results by trying out the work outs you give. I went for being a pilon to being excepted as a goal in my school.”
– Brandon F – 17 y.o.

David “As a beginner goalie, with no instructor, it was hard to figure out what to work on and how. With you emails, videos, and snippets from various programs, I have been able to progress to a point where I can be a contributing member to my team, and I am no longer the ‘backup’ goalie. This has helped both on the ice and in Street hockey.”
– David L – 32 y.o.

Ross “1st actual program I’ve signed on for. I started before the end of last season, but have subscribed to a multitude of Madame Maria’s targeted tortures for years. I haven’t missed a scheduled start to injury for 7 years. I’m looking forward to measuring a whole season with the program. My coach said after 10 weeks that I was double the goalie I started out as.”
– Ross J – 16 y.o.

Joey “Following ankle surgery, from an injury that made hockey very painful and restrictive to play, I was off of the ice for three months. I started UGT 3.0 shortly after being released from physical therapy. Despite having been off the ice for nearly three months, one month of UGT 3.0 made the transition very easy. Returning to the ice previously even when out for a shorter amount of time had been much more difficult. I have never been able to return to the ice after such a long time off and feel so good.”
– Joey H – 19 y.o.

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