What’s In My Goalie Bag 2020 Edition

You are about to see a lot of Warrior goalie gear in a second.  If you haven’t had the chance to see my new set up in Goalie Training Pro colours, then you are in for a treat!

And before you get too excited about me getting in a goalie practice… relax, I shot this video before we even knew there was a thing called COVID.

Hoping to be back on the ice soon though, so stay tuned for that, but for now here’s the complete breakdown on my gear:

Pads – Warrior Ritual GT2 – INTERMEDIATE

Glove/Blocker – Warrior Ritual G4 Pro

Chest Protector – Warrior Ritual GT2 (make sure you watch how I tie it down – thanks to my friend Mike Ouzas

Neck Guard – Bauer – – but I have a new CCM one on order

Mask – Otny with a legal cat-eye cage

Toe Ties – Pro Lace Armour Hybrid

Knee Pads – Warrior Ritual Intermediate

Knee Pads part 2 – Bauer G-Form

Skates – Bauer Vapour X700

Pants – Warrior Ritual – INTERMEDIATE XXL

Jill – the Bauer one

… and a few other little goalie necessities in there.

Hope you liked geeking out on my goalie gear, until we can all be out there again it’ll have to do.