How To Improve Your Skating With Blade Profiling | Goalie Training Pro

Do you profile your blades as an ice hockey goalie? Do you understand the benefits that profiling can bring to your game? If you think blade profiling is the same as the radius of hollow you use for sharpening, like 5/16”, then you better watch this, because it is something completely different.  It can make it or break it!

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Maria’s been testing out the Atomic K-Cut blades from @TydanBlades, and the results are in. Click on the link to see her review on how they’ve improved her RVH and agility from her butterfly.

If you’re looking to make those crisp moves from your butterfly or need that solid edge coming out of your RVH, you will definitely want to watch this video to see the difference it makes.  Tyler from Tydan breaks down the process and the customization, taking into consideration the size of the goalie, the playing style and the profiles they offer.

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