Game Changer ๐Ÿคฏ | Tydan Blades with THIS GOALIE Profile

It was a huge game changer when I went from my stock Step Steel blades to these 4mm Tydan blades (yes, the fit in the 3mm Vertex holder) with the SPRY-J profile.

If you are ever scrambling around in the crease and need that big push only to find your edge isn’t there or you get the push, but also a spin-a-rama… this pretty much ELIMINATED that for me.

Tydan DID give me these blades for free, but this is an UNBIASED review and since doing the review, I have purchased another pair so I will never be without them.

Here’s where you can learn all about the different blade options Tydan has for goalies:…โ€‹ I am using the “Mobile Edge” blades.

Happy Skating,

Coach M


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