Youth Training Program Opportunity – NEXTGEN Academy – Goalie Training Q&A – 12.21.23

Welcome back to Goalie Training Q&A where Maria is answering many questions about opportunities for youth goalies.  If you have a goalie who is in the 10-13 year age group then make sure you check out the NEXTGEN program which is now LIVE!

Here are the questions and time stamps from the Q&A!

2:36       When do you recommend doing the miniband exercises?  See “MiniBand Exercises Every Hockey Goalie Needs”

3:20       On round two of butterfly challenge.  Anything exercises to add to help improve flare further?

**Listen in to hear update on butterfly challenge access on the app store!

7:50       Looking for your “Free Splits Challenge” – where can you find it?

8:32       Is butterfly challenge good for me?

12:53    NextGen – program for 10-13 year old goalies.  How much time between workouts and games?

13:48    New to site and looking for training ideas for 10-13 year old goalie and adult goalie.

“Beer League Boot Camp” and “NextGen Program”

18:45    Is it true that you either have internally rotated or externally rotated hips?

19:45    Reaction time vs hand eye coordination – what’s the difference and how do you train each?

23:54    Do you think a 15 yo goalie should take time off after season ends?

24:30    17 yo goalie dealing with hip/groin injury, any advice?

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team