Your Weekly Live Goalie Training Q&A – August 29, 2019

What up homie!  In case you had something more important to do than watch the goalie training live Q&A yesterday (ha ha ha – – I know good one right?  What could be more important than live Q&A?), here is the replay for you…

And if you just want to hunt down what you need, here’s what we chatted about…

3:30 – stretching programs for young female goalies

6:04 – should I get back on the ice after my hip surgery?

6:54 – recovering from an avulsion tear of my groin, should I do the Butterfly Challenge?

11:10 – how to refocus after a soft goal

13:41 – stretches for a 10 year old?

15:25 – getting back on the ice after years away and pop goes the groin

20:05 – fastest way to get the splits?

23:40 – will the Shutout Academy help me lean out?

27:11 – this week’s InGoal Radio

29:22 – no Live Q&A next week because… (and no there will not be tequila shots)

Have a great rest of the week and an awesome weekend!