Your Questions About Hockey Training Blueprint

So three days into the Pre-Launch of the Hockey Training Blueprint and things are running smoothly.  There are always bugs that need fixing when a new product is released, which is why I offer it to you at such a deep discount.

I wanted to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions over the last couple days, because some of you may also have the same questions and this may help save you some time down the road.

I haven’t received the Nutrition for Success yet. I am looking forward to receivibg that information since this is where I need some help. Still issues with pop ups, I know you guys are working out the kinks. I think I have to do a scan, because the same pop ups are now appearing in my other school web-site (never previously had pop ups). Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the Nutrition for Success info. and looking forward to starting the hockey blueprint program. Thanks

It was emailed to you as a PDF attachment to this email – “Welcome to Hockey Training Blueprint [important info]” – make sure you confirmed your request for material and that our emails are not going into your spam folder.

The pop-ups are not related to the program you are accessing, you should probably run a scan or something, this is not coming from the content that you are accessing through the Hockey Training Blueprint.

I bought the blueprint yesterday and should have gotten all the bonus items as well.  I do not see access for the nutrition blueprint.  I didn’t think that I had to log in before midnight to get it, as long as I’d ordered before then?  Also, it looks like most of the stuff are items we already had from our membership to your site.  Is there new content in what we just ordered?

The Nutrition Bonus was only a special fast action bonus, so it is not on the website where anyone can access it when they buy the program at a later date

It was emailed to you as a PDF attachment to this email – “Welcome to Hockey Training Blueprint [important info]” – make sure you confirmed your request for material and that our emails are not going into your spam folder.

In terms of the program looking like stuff you already have, in some ways you are right – this is also a hockey specific training program using my proven training system, so it does follow a periodized training progression.  There will be a progression to single leg training, there will be stamina drills that emphasize change of direction, there are exercises that not only improve flexibility, but also mobility and of course there will be stabilization drills.

I can assure you this program is designed from scratch to be more advanced than the Hockey Workout Club.  Will you see some of the exact same exercises, absolutely – my goal was not to invent all new exercises, but to create an outstanding off-season hockey training program.

I guess it is similar to going into a steakhouse like The Keg and asking the server why everything on the menu is the same 🙂  Ultimately it is all steak, but the arrangements will appeal to different consumers.

So I hope that answers your question – this is not a cut and paste copy of the Hockey Workout Club Deb.  I think you know I would not do that to you 😉  Once you actually get into doing the workouts, I think you will see the difference.

Just wanted to check and see if  this is available as a box set and sent in mail or is it only available as a download.  Not a fan of downloads and would much rather have CD and load down myself so I always have a backup to restore. Plus I like to watch DVD on regular TV verse computer. 

All of my programs are downloadable only.  Like I say on the website, even I don’t have a hard copy of the videos.  If you have a DVD burner on your computer, you can always burn the videos to a DVD to view them on your TV.

If you know how to save a file to your computer and then burn it onto a DVD, you are good to go – – please don’t email me asking how to do it – I get Paul to do these things for me 🙂

Hi Maria,

Is this program for goalies?

NOOOOOOO.  This one is for skaters.  My most recent goalie training program is the Ultimate Goalie Training VIP which was released in January 2013.

So I hope that helps – if you do decide to jump on board and pick up the Hockey Training Blueprint at less than half price, please, please, please make sure you watch all of the tutorial videos on the home page and in the emails that I will send you.  This will answer almost all of your questions.

Please make sure you confirm your request for information from us and check your spam folder in case our emails end up there.

Finally, if you do get stuck with a question, please do not hesitate to ask by phoning, emailing us directly ( or emailing through (the folks you actually purchase the product through) – you do not need to do all three simultaneously J

Your best bet is emailing us directly for the fastest response.

Also, please give us detail about the issue you are encountering – as much detail as possible.  Include, the name of the product, the name on the account, what exact issue you are having.

We get a lot of ‘I lost my password’ types of emails, which are really hard to answer without some more info.