Your Off-Season Training Plan Mapped Out

Okay, here it is, I am channeling my inner high school teacher, stepping up to the whiteboard and giving you a lesson in off-season training.  I am giving you the detail you need – I am sorry if it is confusing to some of you.

There is a lot of thought and strategy that goes into a successful off-season program.

You don’t want to just do a bunch of exercises to make you tired – I hope you are beyond that phase.  I hope you are beyond thinking that as long as your shirt is soaked in sweat, you have done a good workout and you are making yourself better on the ice.

That kind of thinking will leave you frustrated and disheartened come next season.  Have you ever heard one of your teammates (or a parent) say, “I don’t know what happened.  He worked so hard.”

I know what happened.  They fell into the trap of judging the quality of a workout by the amount of sweat.

And don’t get me wrong – you will have to work, you will be drenched in sweat, you will see your lunch hurled right out on the grass as you do your stamina work.  That will happen, but it is not the goal or the purpose of the workout.

A successful off-season program has one purpose.

To make you a stronger, faster, more flexible, more durable player, that is all.

That is all your coaches care about.  You are not going to get a spot on the team because you worked hard.  You are going to cement that spot by being better, so it is all you should care about too!

Let me walk you through it step by step…

If you cannot see the video above, here is the link

Now you just have to make the plan and do the work – – – then dominate!  Simple.


PS – If you just want it all spelled out for you in an easy to follow step-by-step training program showing you exactly what to do, how many reps, how many sets, what tempo, how often, then click here