Your 5%

So I am writing this post on my iPad Mini during our flight from Paris to Toronto and it has been a long day, plus I am sitting across the aisle from this 6 year old french kid who’s parent’s must have fed him speed for dinner because his is bouncing around like Tigger in the old Winnie The Pooh movies -so forgive me if this post gets a little whacky.

Your 5%

I got this idea from my Mastermind coach Bedros Keuilian and it is very simple.

You decide what you want to accomplish and what are the top 5% tasks (of every possible task that you could do) that will have the most impact on achieving those goals. What falls outside of your 5% you do your best to eliminate or outsource.

You will have a different 5% for school, for sports, for relationships, for work, but let’s look at your hockey.

Now, this does not always apply to sports or your team – imagine telling your coach that picking up pucks is not in your 5% – that would likely not go over well.

Let me give you an example of how I use it in my business and then I will try to show you how you can apply it to hockey.

My 5%

I have a couple of goals for –

  • ŸProvide more than enough free content so any hockey player, anywhere in the world (with a computer) can become a better player with the proper training
  • ŸHelp hockey players set and achieve big goals and live their dreams – that applies to Future Pros and Bad Ass Beer Leaguers alike

So my 5% includes

  • Ÿ Create Content – articles, videos, interviews, emails and products
  • Ÿ Coaching – Interacting with my private online clients to help them make hug leaps in performance and
  • answering the numerous emails I get from my loyal subscribers every day.
  • Ÿ Preaching – Get my content into the hands of every single motivated goalie and skater out there – I need to preach my gospel to anyone and everyone – get the content into their hands, give them a chance to achieve their goals.

Notice editing video was not in there? It is not something I HAVE to do, so I don’t do it.  I have recently hired Brendon who will take over shooting and editing almost all of my video.  Not only does it take it off my plate, but it is within his zone of genius, so you guys will end up getting a better product at the end of the day – as you have already seen in the on-ice videos I posted over the last few weeks.

At Revolution Conditioning I stopped cleaning the toilets about 4 years ago (I did it for the first 5) – – That is not to say that the toilets don’t get cleaned – let’s clear that up right now 🙂 I just don’t do it anymore.

I pay someone to clean the gym now and with that 1.5 hours I used to spend every week doing it, I can now be working on training programs for our athletes at the gym or spending time mentoring Tyler and our new coach Sam so they will be able to help more athletes achieve their goals and live their dreams.

At first it was really hard for me, because all I could think of was the money that I was spending when it is a task that I could easily do myself. It is still a mind shift I struggle with, but you have to take the long view.

So how does this apply to hockey?

“You cannot do it all.” I remember Jeff Hackett telling a group of young players that included his nephew Matt Hackett and Nazem Kadri that they could have two of the three – play good hockey, get good grades or have a good social life – – but they could not have them all.

Now, I don’t think he was saying you couldn’t hang out with your friends if you were going to be a good student athlete, but he was saying, you cannot go out partying until 1:30am on the weekends and think you were going to make the most of your hockey or your academic opportunities, so in that case – being a party animal…not in your 5%.

Eating well, getting your sleep, doing your workouts, doing your homework and playing your heart out on the ice – THAT is your 5%.

Make sense?

Have a beauty day my friends.


PS – if you felt your season ended prematurely and it left a bitter taste in your mouth, then THIS is what you need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.