Young Hockey Goalie Training Videos, Managing Stamina & Australia Hockey Training Trip – Goalie Training Q&A – 02.29.2024

Join Maria Mountain for this week’s Live Q&A where she shares extensively about training young hockey goaltenders off the ice with links to two videos on her YouTube Channel.  She gives advice on how to begin training your goalie stamina, aging as a hockey player and of course, whether or not toilet water spins backwards in Australia. Maria also discusses the NextGen Goalie Academy for those younger pre-teen and teen goalies who are just getting started with off-ice training programs, as well as her famous & Splits Challenge training programs.

Check out the topics below:

  • Maria’s headed to Australia to train Australian Goalies!  Does toilet water spin backwards in the southern hemisphere?
  • Learning Butterfly for Young Hockey Goalies
  • Ecological Dynamics approach to learning for athletes
  • Visual Edge & Eye Training
  • Advice on Aging
  • Sport Specific Training & the Butterfly Challenge
  • Stamina Training, Heart Rate & Building Capacity One Step at a Time
  • Stretches for Young Ice Hockey Goalies on Goalie Training ProTV
  • NextGen Goalie Academy for 11-13 year olds
  • Preparing for Tryouts with a Comprehensive Program and Being Yourself
  • Splits & Butterfly Challenge and managing Soft Tissue Training
  • Maria’s Off-Ice Goalie Camp Training Schedule
  • Best Advice for Developing Young Goalies
  • Youth Hockey Goalie at Home Workout video on Goalie Training ProTV

Curious about what you heard in the Q&A? Check out the , a sport specific training program for ice hockey goaltenders, or, the Splits Challenge, a program for creating a strong and stable splits. And for those pre-teen and early-teen net-minders who are looking for a great place to start their off-ice training, check out the NextGen Goalie Academy. Appreciate you all tuning in this week.  Join Maria live Thursdays at 2pm EST on Facebook or Instagram.