You just don’t get it!

As I watched the women from team USA accept their silver medals last weekend having lost the gold to Canada, my husband and I both commented on what a great job they did.  Sure they were not jumping up and down hugging each other, heck the Finns were more excited to get bronze than the Americans were to get silver.  But they did accept their medals, shake hands and some even mustered a smile through the tears.  I do not imagine I could do as well in the same circumstances.

Then I heard several people criticize the team USA women for crying, “they should be happy, they got the silver”.  Although they did WIN the silver, as an athlete it is pretty tough to get your mind off the fact that you LOST the gold.  Would you expect the opposing team to be ecstatic after losing the Stanley Cup because – ‘wow, we made it to the Stanley Cup and only lost by a few goals!  That is great!’  No one would expect that.

For the US women, they do not have million dollar pro hockey gigs to fly back to; for them winning the gold is all they work for and to see it slip away must be devastating.  Congratulations to the team on their play and their conduct during the medal ceremony.  I think they did a great job.