You can win the battle but lose the war.

Okay, this is the last I will mention of Scott and Tessa’s performances at the Olympic and mainly because many of you have emailed to ask about this and that so here it is…

When the pressure was on – – they NAILED it.  This (to me) is the mark of a champion.  Do I think they deserved the gold – absolutely and I will never be persuaded otherwise.  Say what you will about the speed of their competitors, the event is called ‘Ice Dance’ not speed dance.

If you have not watched them skate – here is the short dance – watch it and let it leave you breathless – even if you think it is a stupid sport, watch and be hypnotized by the skill and the beauty.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, no worries, just click on this link –

So it is a good lesson to us all – you can prepare to the best of your ability (they did not skip any steps or take any short cuts), you can perform to the best of your ability – you can win the battle, but still lose the war.  What let’s you live with it is the fact that you were prepared and you executed; you trusted your training – the rest is beyond your control.

If you are a skater you can play the game of your life, but your goalie has an off-day or vice versa – beyond your control.  All you can do is be prepared and execute the next time opportunity knocks.

That’s it – that’s all.  I will be back later in the week to share the #1 training mistake I see goalies make that results in an embarrassingly high GAA – see you then!