You are forgetting this muscle in your hockey training.

Speed Adduction For Hockey Goalies and Skaters…

Hockey goalies and skaters all want more speed. That’s a given.

So the focus often falls on the big ‘pushing’ muscles on the outside of the hip and the front of the thigh – the glutes and quads. They are what drives the engine.

But don’t forget your high school physics class – every action has an equal and opposite reaction force – ring a bell? Remember a guy named Newton (and not the one from the old Rocket Robinhood cartoon – please leave a comment if you remember that one so I don’t feel completely alone).

So yes, we need to look after the power house, but you also need to give the adductors some love. When was the last time you heard of a player straining their glute?

Maybe never. But have you ever gone a season where at least one player on your team did not sustain a groin injury – maybe it was you?

For skaters your adductors not only help you turn, have powerful crossovers, letting you actually accelerate out of a turn or change of direction, but they also recover that leg for your next stride powerful stride.

If you are a goalie they are maybe even more important as you call them into duty almost non-stop; in your ready position, shuffling, c-cutting, dropping into your butterfly, anytime you need to kick out a pad…you get the idea.

So here is a supplemental exercise you can easily work into your off-ice hockey workout.

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link below…

  • Use a light/medium resistance band (NOT heavy)
  • Go as quickly as you can
  • Maintain stability in your torso and weight-bearing knee (do not let it wiggle in and out)
  • Start with 15 each leg and build up to 30 each.


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