Working on your Front Splits (video)

Hey Gang,

My friend Tyler Bramlett (not Coach Tyler who works with me) is one of the guys in my Mastermind Group – he is also one of the guys in my ‘accountability group’ that I told you about in an email a few weeks ago.

Anyway, he was telling me about a sale he is running (starting today) on his Warrior Warm-Up as a cool way to celebrate his birthday.  I asked him if he had any tips on getting a wider splits that I could share with you goalies, so being a good guy, he made this video for me to share with you.  He is a flexible guy, so some of this must work.

Now you know I do not really like it when you round your back as a way to get more stretch in your hamstrings, because I think that just builds more flexibility through the lumbar spine, so I would have you maintain your neutral back as much as you can and pivot from the hips – just my opinion.  The video takes about 30 seconds to load, so please be patient once you hit the ‘play’ symbol.

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You can check out Tyler’s Warrior Warm-Up HERE if you want to.  He has it on sale for $7.  This is my affiliate link, I think I earn $4.50 or so when you buy a copy.  As I mentioned above, Tyler has some different ideas on developing flexibility, are they exactly what I would do?  Not all of them, but if you are looking for some different ideas, then check it out, he is a great guy and gets awesome results with his clients.