Win a FREE Goalie Training Program: Here’s How.

brainstorming new goalie training programsHey, how are you doing today?  This is one of those rare Sunday posts – but I have something that I want to tell you about.  Right now I am sitting at Denver International Airport waiting for my flight into Chicago-O’Hare and then on to home-sweet-home London, ON.  I am in Denver training one of my baseball guys who is a Canadian living in the US during his off-season.  We take turns traveling when it is time to progress his training.  So I am in Denver now, then he will come to London in January – that’s called cooperation.

Yesterday we had a great workout in the morning and then Jeff dropped me off at the Starbucks (photo proof on the right) in the LoDo area of Denver (it is in a massive REI store – could life get any better?).  I worked and daydreamed there for about an hour and a half, then I did a quick loop of the REI looking for some small Christmas gifts that could fit in my carry-on …ended up buying something for myself 😉  Then my buddy Andy who is a team mate from my skiing days drove down from Fort Collins for the afternoon so we could hang out together.  We had a great dinner at the Coral Room on 32nd Street (the salmon is fantastic) and then I got home in time to see the Leafs lose to the Canucks.  So there is my weekend in a nutshell – how was your weekend?

Watch This If You Want A FREE Goalie Training Program…

Okay onto the reason for this special post…I need your help and I am willing to offer something in return.  Here is what I need.  I need some awesome testimonials that I can use on my websites, sales pages, print advertising, webinars, products – basically everywhere.  As you know my mission is to help 10,000 goalies win more games with fewer injuries even if they do not have the genetic gifts or natural talent of their competitors.

Well, the best way I can do that is to find the goalies who have the drive to do what needs to be done and tell them about my goalie specific training programs.  Because I have seen enough people at fitness clubs and rec centers putting lots of effort into doing the exactly wrong thing.  They want to be better, they are trying to be better, but they just don’t know what to do.

So by adding input from goalies and coaches who have used the program with success, I can give other passionate goalies more information to help them decide if my programs are right for them.  The same way you read book reviews on Amazon before you decide whether it is the right book for you.

4 Steps Toward a FREE Goalie Training Program:

  1. Write out a testimonial (the testimonial can be for the RRGT, UGT 2.0 or for the free content posted on this site that you have included in your training), you can include a picture with you (it can be on the ice or off the ice – you decide – but a photo in your gear would be great!) to increase your chances of winning or even do a video testimonial to triple your chances of winning (more about that below).  In the testimonial tell me exactly how the product helped you – for example were you quicker on the ice, did your hips feel loser, did you feel like your stamina was limitless?  The testimonial does not need to be a long drawn out story – just tell me exactly how it helped.  How much did your save percentage improve for example.
  2. I need you to give me permission to use your statements and image on my websites, sales pages, print advertising, webinars, products – basically everywhere.  So cut and paste the statement below and include it with your submission.

I (insert your name here) give Maria L. Mountain, MSc my permission to include my testimonial including my name, age and city, my image and/or my video submission in whole or in part for any marketing purposes which may include the internet or print media.  The statements made in my testimonial are true and accurate reflections of my actual experience with the training techniques presented by Maria L. Mountain, MSc – I promise that I have not made any false statements.

C.  I must have your full name, your age and your location (just city and state, province, etc.  I do not need your street address)

D.  Submit your testimonial via email to before midnight on Friday, December 23rd and please tell me what product you would like to receive as your free product if you are one of the lucky winners – there will be three winners!

Who wins…

I was going to select the best submission about UGT 2.0, the best for RRGT and the best for the free content on the site, but as I think about it, I know you will all give a great submission.  If your submission turns out to be a story about how badly you want or need a free training program I will delete it immediately – that is for another contest.  By the way, even if you have already given me a testimonial in the past, you can still submit one now and get in on the draw.

So this is what I will do.  Everyone who completes a written submission gets one entry into the draw.  If you send in a written submission AND a photo, you get two ballots and if you send in a video submission you automatically get three ballots in the draw.  I will draw three winners at random from the total number of ballots and send you your download links for the free program.  Does that sound fair?  Thanks for helping me help more goalies and I hope the winners can use their new goalie training program to dominate the competition!