Why You Don’t Do What You Should + January All-Star

Today I have an article from Precision Nutrition’s Dr. John Berardi that is specifically for those of you who actually have a pretty good idea of what you could do to improve your performance on the ice (or even your waistline).  I also have the All-Star for January.  But first I have some photos of the hotel where we stayed in Miami Beach – – this is the travel writer portion of the post.

Miami Beach is expensive and I do not mind spending some money to stay somewhere nice, I like to spoil myself every so often, but for whatever reason Miami is not my cup of tea.  The beach is beautiful and I do appreciate the vibe, but it just does not resonate with me the way New York City does for example.

So when I saw that the hotel where our Mastermind meeting was being held was running $350 per night, I thought WOW – that is a lot.  Now the hotel was lovely and right on Miami Beach, but remember, we are in a meeting from 9am – 5pm so being on the beach does not really matter that much.  So I sought out a more reasonably priced spot – which is not easy to do.  I found a good option, called the Bentley hotel which is right on Ocean Drive (the Times Square of South Beach).  It was still very expensive, but not quite as very expensive as the other option 🙂

Once we arrived it was clear why the hotel was a cheaper option – see the photos…

On the plus side, the sheets were clean 🙁

Your All-Star for January

Before I share a great article from Dr. John Berardi (he’s a nutrition guru) on why you don’t do what you should do to achieve your hockey and fitness goals – – even though you have a pretty good idea of what you should do – – I want to present our January All-Star.

This month’s All-Star is Paul K from Seattle, Washington!

Paul was a member of the inaugural 28-Day Goalie Transformation Contest – enrollment for the second group closes at the end of today – you can learn all about it HERE.  So Paul and 30 other like-minded goalies took up the 28-day challenge at the beginning of December; that’s right, they followed a strict workout regimen and monitored what they were eating right through Christmas time.

Here’s what he had to say about his transformation…

This program really built my confidence in net and put me at the top of the Sub List for one of the leagues I play in. I went 3-0 from the beginning of the transformation to January 3rd. I’m getting booked every week and I feel great.

This program transformed my body awareness. That was the biggest thing for me really. My sense of what my body is and the knowledge of what my level of conditioning is and how responsive it can be has been the most valuable take away from this training session. This program made me a better athlete with more confidence.

Really, I think everyone in the group deserves to be an all-star, but Paul stood out because he was also brave enough to take before and after photos of himself to share, which takes GUTS!  It probably made him feel very uncomfortable, but one thing I am learning more and more is when we get out of our comfort zone, THAT is when we start making things happen.

Congratulations Paul for being our January All-Star AND the winner of the transformation contest (which earned him a No5Hole T-shirt and a copy of every single training program I have for sale).  If you want to get in on the next Transformation Contest For Goalies (it starts on Monday) – CLICK HERE because enrollment closes today.  Skaters, I am putting the final touches on one for you as well – – stay tuned.

Why You Don’t Do What You Know You Should

I read this article from nutrition expert Dr. John Berardi and thought of you.  I think most of you have an idea of what you could or should be doing to improve your skating speed, your stamina on the ice, your stickhandling or your waistline – – but a lot of you are not applying any of that knowledge.  So if that sounds like you and if you want to make a small change to start making some positive gains, then you should read Dr. John Berardi’s advice HERE.

That’s all – have an awesome day!


Click the image above to get started (enrollment closes Sunday, January 12th)