What’s In The Bag | Hockey Goalie Gear

If you are interested in learning about mid-price point gear rather than just pro level, you will definitely want to stick around. In today’s video, we will talk all about the equipment in my bag, why I love it, and how I make it work.

Let’s see if there is a common FAVE! Here is a list of everything we talked about:

1) Base layer – Paradox merino wool long johns – Costco

2) Light weight t-shirt

3) Socks – Howie’s hockey cut resistant socks

4) Bauer – Goalie Jill

5) Neck Guard – CCM Neck Guard shirt

6) Base knee pads – Bauer/G-Form Knee Pads

7) Goalie knee pads – Warrior Ritual GT Intermediate Knee Pads

8) Skates – Bauer 2s Pro

9) Blades – Tydan mobile edge – 4mm w Spry J profile – but I don’t think they can make those blades anymore.

10) Pants – CCM Axis 2.9 pants

11) PADS – WARRIOR G6 E+ – 31+1 with the stock toe strap

12) Chest Protector – WARRIOR G5 E+ – Senior S

13) Glove – Warrior G4 with big time modification

14) Blocker – Warrior G4

15) Mask – Bauer NME VTX – Senior With a dangler

16) Wrap by Custom Cages

17) Stick – Warrior M2 Pro??? Not sure – need to double check in video

18) Goalie Bag – Source For Sports Goalie bag – $75

Get that gear on!

Coach M

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