What to do with the next 60-days

Before we sort out your marching orders for the next 60-days, I hope you are having as beautiful an Autumn as we are here in Southern Ontario – it has been stunning.

Check out the pic from a glorious trail run Paul and I did yesterday – breathtaking and this is about a 10-minute drive from our house, right in the city…

It is crazy to me that there are only 60 days left in all of 2015! It has gone fast, but think for a moment of everything you have done so far. And heck, 60 days is still 1/6th of an entire year! You can do a lot in 1/6th of a year can’t you?

So, let’s make some 60-day goals today. Go grab your pen and paper or pull up Evernote on your mobile device, makes no difference to me. I’ll wait here while you go get them.

…Okay – ready to roll.

Let’s do this in 3 easy steps…

Step One –

  • Think of the 2-3 things you are most proud of yourself for over the last 10-months. Was it how you got 85% on that math test that you studied so hard for? Was it getting up 30-minutes earlier so you could do your workout? Maybe it was leading your team by example and getting a shout out from the coach. What ever it was – think about how it made you feel.

Step Two –

  • Think of 1 or 2 (no more than two) things that you had wanted to achieve this year but so far it has eluded you? Was it to complete the 14-Day Butterfly Challenge ? Was it to do a good off-ice warm up before every game and practice? Was it to improve your agility on the ice? Or maybe it had nothing to do with hockey.

Whatever it was – write it down (as long as it is still important to you)

Step Three –

  • Now – create a plan of action starting tomorrow at the latest, that will let you achieve that goal by the end of the year – you’ve got 60-days.  Again, just 1-2 thinks you will do to achieve that goal.
  • So maybe your goal is to get more agile on the ice. So your action steps will be to search HockeyTrainingPro.com for agility drills. Pick three of those drills and work on them twice per week (mark out the exact days you will work on them on your calendar).
  • Keep it simple.

Then create a punishment if you do not do what you say you will do, for example, you cannot watch hockey on TV (or your mobile device) for 2-weeks or you will pick up all the pucks after practice for two weeks or something like that – you get the idea.

Done!  Now go forth and dominate the rest of 2015!!!


PS – if one of your goals is to up your off-ice training to finally start becoming the skater or goalie you know you can be – – this is a good place to start >> goalies click here >> skaters click here