Ultimate Goalie Training VIP – your questions answered.

Don’t worry; there are still some spots open in the Ultimate Goalie Training VIP Coaching Program.  My guess is that it will fill by Saturday or Sunday.   The first day you were really snapping up the spots, but now that people are back to work, the pace has slowed a little.

I know a few of you are still thinking about it and even more of you have questions, so here are my replies to some of the questions I have had over the last few days regarding the UGT VIP Coaching Program

ultimate goalie training


Are there spots still available?

  • Yes, my guess is that it will fill by the end of the weekend, but you never know.

What will I get TODAY when I sign up?

  • Today, immediately after you complete your purchase, you are taken to a registration page where you create a username and password.  Once you have done that you have immediate access to the entire Ultimate Goalie Training 3.0 program – the training manuals, videos, quickstart videos, etc.  PLUS you get then entire first month of coaching for free.  All of that is yours to keep no matter what for an investment of only $67 today.

When will the first webinar be held?

  • The first webinar will be held the week of January 21st – I will email out the exact details directly to those of you in the program  about a week ahead of time.

What if I cannot make it on to a live webinar?

  • No worries, I will post the webinars on the site so you can log on and watch them at your convenience.  If you have a question that you wanted to ask, simply email it to me ahead of time and I will answer it (again, I will give you the email address where you should send it ahead of time, but it will only go out to those in the program)

What if the program is too challenging for me?  I am not sure I need something this comprehensive.

  • No worries, that is the beauty of the Member’s Only Forum, you can ask questions about how to adjust the schedule/volume, etc to suit your needs and goals.
  • If it turns out that it really is too much for you, then you can simply follow the customer support link on your Clickbank.com (those are the people who actually sell you the program) and get a full 100% refund of all your money up to 60-days after your purchase.  Now that is enough time to see if it is right for you.   I am literally removing all the risk so this program is only moving you toward your goals.

Can I take the videos with me to the gym?

  • Yes, in fact, I created custom QuickStart videos that are saved in a ‘mobile’ format designed for iPhone and iPad, so you can quickly see what each exercise is.
  • You also still get the full video tutorials where I teach you how to do each exercise.

Can I just buy the UGT 3.0 without the coaching?

  • No, this is only available as a coaching program.  When I asked all of you on the list how I could make the UGT better, this is what they wanted.  I like it as well because of the accountability and extra attention.  I do not have any plans at this time to sell the UGT 3.0 as a stand alone product.  The Goalie Workout Club fills that role really well at a fraction of the cost – you can learn more about it here – www.GoalieWorkoutClub.com

Once the program is full, when will you re-open it for the next group?

  • This is a great point – unlike the Ultimate Goalie Training 2.0, you will not be able to buy this program once I have filled the group.  I want to make sure that I can keep up with the coaching that is involved before I add more.  So the honest answer is, ‘I am not sure when it will open’.  If it is less work than I am anticipating, probably in a few months.  If it is more work than I am anticipating, then probably 6-months.   And if it is WAY more work than I am anticipating, well then – never 🙂

That covers the most common questions, but if you have any others, feel free to ask them below and we will get you pointed in the right direction.  You can learn more about the UGT VIP Coaching Program HERE if you wish.