Ultimate Goalie Training VIP – it’s ALIVE! (only 80 available)

Remember when I surveyed you guys are couple months ago and I asked you questions about how I could make the UGT 2.0 even better?

Well, to be honest, some of your answers did not surprise me at all, but some of them certainly DID!

  • You told me you wanted a Member’s Only Forum
  • You told me you wanted a coaching element
  • You told me you wanted iPod compatible QuickStart videos

Wow!  I did not expect that and I must admit that it threw me for a bit of a loop because at that time I though the program was basically ready to go – was I wrong.  So much for getting it out to you before Christmas.

In hindsight, it was kind of cool actually because I got to learn (try to learn some new skills) – like setting up a Forum, etc.  I think the program is WAY stronger now.  Really it has become a hybrid of the UGT 2.0 and my Elite Goalie Strength & Conditioning program (but at much less than the $497/month that goes for).

For those of you who have been waiting, here is your chance.  I am releasing the new Ultimate Goalie Training VIP Coaching Program  today and like always, the loyal HockeyTrainingPro.com followers get the first crack at it.  If you order today – Sunday –  (and today only) you will get a free copy of the $97 Rapid Response Goalie Training System – I will email it out to you within 48-hours after your purchase.  ultimate goalie training coaching program


Since I am not sure how much extra work the coaching component will be with the webinars, etc.  I am limiting the enrollment to only 80 goalies, so if all 80 sell out today, that is it!  There will not be a second chance until I see how much extra work it is, then I may or may not open it up again.

Okay, that is enough background, time for you to make up your own mind – will 2013 be the year you step it up, the year you decide to walk the walk?  This may not be the right program for you, it is simple because I tell you and show you exactly what to do, but it will take sweat equity on your part.  If you think it might be your time, then learn a little more and decide for yourself.



PS – this program is not easy, it is not suitable for players under the age of 14.