Two More “Essential 8” Exercises For Hockey Goalies

This one simple post can have a huge impact on your success next season. You see, like the image above shows, the majority of your fellow goalies are still in the gym doing unproductive (potentially harmful) exercises like Leg Press, Back Squats, Knee Extensions, Hamstring Curls, Calf Raises, Groin Machine… you get the idea.

They are working hard, maybe adding some mass (mass that doesn’t actually make them more explosive, but just weighs them down) and adding wear and tear to their hips, knees and ankles.

You are the ‘red guy’ in the picture – you get it.  You know that just working hard isn’t the measure of success – you know that your GAA and SV% are the only measure of success you care about.  Now all you need to do is take action and do it.

I know you couldn’t all be on the Essential 8 webinar last Wednesday, but there will not be a replay for you.  Maybe I will hold another one in a few months once things settle down a bit in the gym with all the off-season training.

I know a lot of you had really legit reasons for missing it too.  Again I am sorry, but I really want to reward those who put in a big effort to be there live.  I know sometimes we have to make tough choices – I had to miss a U2 concert last summer because I got invited to help the goalies at the Buffalo Sabres development camp.  I will be back there next week too – so stay tuned for updates.

I LOVE U2 – in fact seeing them live take up many spots in my life top 10 list.  Have not missed a tour since the Joshua Tree in 1987, but I had to make the tough choice – so I get it (and I know my webinar was not as awesome as a U2 show).

Anyway, lots of you are dying to know what the Essential 8 are – I gave you one the other day, so here are another two for you…

Squat Lateral

In the video I show you how to do it with just bodyweight, with dumbbells and with a resistance band (BG).

Pay close attention to your bottom position – are your shoulder, hip, knee and ankle stacked?

Start with 2-3 sets of 8 reps on each side with a 3011 tempo.

Eccentric Adductor

You need to start slowly with this one.  If you ever feel like you have better flexibility when you are sitting on the floor in front of the TV stretching than you do on the ice when their skill forward is shooting low left corner on you – when you are covering right post and you will need an epic kick save to keep the game in reach?


Then this goalie specific mobility drill is for you.  It teaches you to generate tension in your end range of motion, which tells your brain that this is a ‘safe’ position to put your hip and groins into.  You can now use the flexibility you have.

It is also a key drill to reduce your risk of those nasty groin tears – OUCH!

Make sure you go slowly, push your foot down into the floor and use your hands to come back up.

Start with 4 reps on each side, lowering for a count of 6s

There you go – probably not two exercise in your current program (unless you follow one of my programs of course), but it is these very specific exercises added in a the right time of your training cycle, with the right volume that will pay huge dividends when you hit the ice this season.


PS – what was the best move your team made at the draft?  Anyone else surprised to see the Blues move Elliot?  I sure was, I think Calgary hit the jackpot there.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.