Top 10 Gift Ideas For Hockey Players

Anyone else shocked to glance at the calendar and see that we are less than a month away from Christmas day?  Wow – where does the time go?

I have some of my shopping finished, I have Paul’s present, a present for my brother, one for my sister-in-law, but I still have quite a few things to get, so I have been busy putting together my shopping list.

I thought I would help you with some of your shopping by giving you ten gift ideas for hockey players.  Check it out…

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Hockey Players

  1. Shooting Tarp (skaters) – this is the exact tarp that I purchased this off-season to use on the ice with a couple of the pro skaters I train.  The durability was outstanding and it really forced the shooters to pick their corners carefully.   RevCon Approved Shooting Tarp
  2. Sweet Hands Stick Handling (skaters) – this is another one that is RevCon approved for use on the ice and also indoors.  I used it with all players at all levels during this off-season with great results.  There is no reason your stick handling can’t be better when you can use a tool like this anywhere – StickHandling Trainer
  3. Brand NEW (goalies) – Goalie Stretch Solution follow along flexibility video.  This is such a new product that I have not even officially launched it yet, but I think it might make a great Christmas gift.  This is a follow along flexibility program for hockey goalies – so you watch the video and follow along with me as we go through the stretching routine.  As usual there are also a bunch of bonuses added in and I am introducing it for only $7.95 – The NEW Goalie Stretch Solution
  4. Fashion Forward (skaters & goalies) – The Hockey Lace Belt – I think this one is so cool, it is a must for any hockey player – makes a great stocking stuffer –
  5. For the reader on your list (skaters & goalies) I have a couple of books that you might want to check out.  The first one in my opinion is a classic The Game by Ken Dryden.  My next suggestion I give a little reluctantly, since I was never a fan of this guys play, but I did actually see him in my local Costco signing copies of  JR: My Life As The Most Outspoken, Fearless, Hard Hitting Man In Hockey by the ever-so-humble Jeremy Roenick – I am going to guess this is not going to be the best gift for a kid.
  6. The gift that keeps giving (skaters & goalies) – if you have a player on your list who is serious about becoming a better player week after week and month after month, then you might want to consider a membership to a Workout-of-the-Month Club (like a beer of the month club, but good for you).  Skaters should check out Hockey Workout Club and goalies need Goalie Workout Club
  7. The Hockey News (skaters & goalies) – I love getting magazine subscriptions for a gift – it is like Christmas every month when the new issue is delivered to my mailbox – share the joy – give a subscription to The Hockey News
  8. Hat Trick Toque (skaters & goalies) – these fleece toques (that’s winter hat for those of you outside of Canada) are fashioned to look like a hockey helmet – a must for any fan – Hat Trick Helmet Toque
  9. Train anywhere (skaters & goalies) with this resistance band kit.  It has about 5 grades of resistance and you can combine bands to add even more overload.  It comes with a door anchor, handles and ankle straps (so you can strengthen those adductors and abductors).  Throw it all into the handy carrying bag and you away you go – never miss another workout – all for under $20 – Workout Anywhere Resistance Bands
  10. For someone you don’t like that much – just kidding (skaters & goalies).  This foam roller is wicked and by wicked I mean painfully awesome!  It takes a little getting used to, but if the hockey player on your list could use a little more flexibility, then put this one on your list – Foam Roller Extreme

Hope this helps you with your shopping ideas – or maybe you could just forward the list to everyone who will be shopping for you and make their job that much easier, I am sure they would appreciate it.

Have a great day.