Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Hockey Players

Well, that time of year already – the top 10 Christmas gifts for the hockey player on your list.  This year there is something for everyone – skill development, off-ice training (of course) and sweet duds to keep you looking good.  Have you ever received an awesome hockey-themed Christmas gift?  Let us know what it was – maybe that will help someone else get a great idea…

  1. Lance Pitlick’s Online Hockey Training programs – he has a few different programs, but they are like my off-ice hockey training programs except for improving your stick handling and shooting skills.  There are tutorial videos where former NHL’er Lance takes you through the drills (that you can do in your basement) and there is a detailed plan telling you exactly what to do each day.  I know they are re-working the website to make it even better, but I was on the site just yesterday and it looks awesome!
  2. Hockey Canada Heavy Duty Net.  It surprises me how many players do not shoot pucks at home.  It is an essential skill, so when you get the opportunity on the ice, you better be ready to make the most of it.  Who knows, a street hockey game might just break out in your driveway! – $229 – from
  3. iTunes Gift Card so the hockey player on your list can legally download some new pump up music – $25
  4. BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink – this is the stuff I have been using in the Revolution Gym for the last month or so.  It is NSF certified, so that means I can even give it to the pro and Olympic athletes that I train without the risk of them testing positive for a banned substance.  It is contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  Former Toronto Maple Leafs strength and conditioning coach Matt Nichol put the product together with the goal of using the highest quality products available.  $60
  5. Hockey Workout Club or Goalie Workout Club – these are the ‘workout of the month’ programs that deliver a brand new skater or goalie specific off-ice workout each month.  Each module includes training for flexibility, stability, strength, speed and stamina using basic workout equipment so you could even do the workouts at home – under $15
  6. Extreme Dangler – we use this in the Revolution Gym (we have also used it on the ice) during active recovery periods or along with balancing and stability drills.  It is incredibly easy to use and extremely effective for helping you improve you stickhandling skills –  $65 – from
  7. A brand new “I Have No 5 Hole” t-shirt from Kevin Weekes.  I have a couple of these shirts and the Women’s Peroformance Hoodie (which is currently on sale) and Kevin has gone after high quality apparel for his line that is not just for goalies.- $30
  8. This one is more for the hockey strength coach on your list, but definitely worth a mention – Kevin Neeld’s Optimizing Movement will do just that, show you how to optimize your client’s movement so they can train in a safe and productive manner with fewer injuries and better on-ice performance – $77
  9. Team apparel, you can shop by team over at  The Leafs hoodie caught my eye – on sale too for only $55 – they only have large sizes left,  so might be a good gift for Paul this year 🙂  Don’t tell.
  10. This one is not really ‘hockey specific’ but I think any athlete on your list would appreciate some team apparel as the Sochi Olympic get closer and closer.  It is only once every four years, so jump on the bandwagon and show your colours.  I know in Canada the official supplier is the The Bay.  In the USA, you can order gear online here Team USA Shop

So I hope that gives you some ideas for your Christmas list.  Don’t get carried away, keep it low key – remember to enjoy the season, it will be over before you know it.

Have an awesome day!