This tool improves your agility and hand-eye coordination

It certainly won’t be the first time I made myself look foolish in the name of making you a better goalie. And I’m okay with it 🙂

I love this tool because it is a great way for you to do read and react agility training (so that is agility training that is unpredictable, just like when you are on the ice) AND work on your hand-eye coordination.

LAST CHANCEJust like when you are in net, having great hand-eye coordination makes your job a lot easier with this drill.  If you are snagging the reaction ball right out of the air, then you don’t have to worry about those pesky rebounds.

So I think you can see how this is a good goalie specific off-ice drill for you.

Here is how you do it…

Don’t forget…

You are not just trying to get the ball.  You are trying to work movement patterns and tracking skills.  You know that “tracking the puck” really just means watching the puck right?

So as you do this off-ice drill, make sure you are staying low in your legs, staying balanced over your feet, keeping your hands out in front of your body and keeping your eye on that ball the entire time.

You will notice that I used two hands to trap the ball a few times in the video.  I am okay with that as you are getting the hang of it, the you can make it more advanced by catching the ball with just one hand based on which side of the body it bounces toward.

Have fun and try not to get too frustrated.  Start with 10-20 throws and then build up to 40, just make sure you are staying low and moving explosively.  Take extra rest in between throws if you need to, that is cool.


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