This One Is Tougher Than Squats

Well, it sure makes my hip muscles burn more than squats.

You know how I have given you some hockey training exercises that look really simple and then you try them and find that they are brutally hard? You discover that the way I position you for the exercise makes it impossible for you to cheat and targets the weakest muscle in the movement?

Yeah, it’s a gift 🙂

Well, that’s what I have for you today – it is the MiniBand Straight Leg Lateral Step.

If you do not have a MiniBand like the one I use in the video, just get a 2-foot length of light tubing and tie it in a circle. And yes, I said “Light” no macho antics for this one. Using the lighter band lets you actually use the target muscles.

This is similar to the rotator cuff training MLB pitchers do. You don’t see them working their rotator cuff with a 45lbs dumbbell do you, they are using a relatively light load, so the shoulder muscles can handle the load.

Trust me, you will be just fine with a light band.

Make sure you are not bending your knees for this one and there should be NO teeter-totter at all in the shoulders. Watch the video and see what I mean.

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link

Start with 10 steps one way and 10 steps the other way. Go slowly, when you go faster, that makes it easier. And make sure you are not dragging your trail foot along the floor, that also makes it easier (you cheater you).

Happy training!

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