This non-stretch improves your hip flexibility

This one actually works for goalies and skaters.

Paul and I out for the traditional Thanksgiving Day longboard :)

Paul and I out for the traditional Thanksgiving Day longboard 🙂

Since we are just clear of Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada (and what I beauty it was), I thought I would give you a pretty easy EOTW – I know we probably NEED something a little more vigorous with all the eating that just took place, but I am not sure that would end very well.

You just have to promise me that you will try this one – it is super simple to do, you won’t even break a sweat (hopefully you won’t) and your hip joint will thank you – and let’s face it, you could all be a little nicer to your hip joints.

Here’s how you do it…

That’s Paulie T in the video helping me out – he is a goalie we have trained at RevCon for the last 3 years.  He was always the last cut for his AAA team, he wasn’t drafted to the OHL  – but last year during the play-offs he got the call to be the back up with THE London Knights for the last two games when one of their starters went down injured – – and this he year made his first Jr B squad!

Really proud of his consistent effort; it has been great to see him develop from year to year and steadily live up to his potential.

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link below

Start with 15 per side and you can do that 1-2 times per day, just to get the head of your femur gliding a little better in the socket of your pelvis (your acetabulum). The hip is not a pure hinge joint, like your shoulder it needs space to glide in the joint as well.

If you don’t have that space to glide, then your femur ends up jamming in the joint and this can give you symptoms of impingement.


PS – you can do this 1-2 times per day – just try it and see how it feels.