This joint can cripple you (part two)

So yesterday, I gave you the scary part of damaging your wrist.  Today let’s talk about what to do if you really do have just a minor strain or a wrist that is painful when you do push ups.

Here are some things you can start with and if they make it better that is great. If it stays painful and sore for longer than two weeks, it is worth getting that checked out just to make sure something isn’t brewing.

Here’s what you can do…

  • Tape it – I show you a very simple tape job you can do yourself
  • Stretch it – as long as that does not create pain.  Do the stretches for 30-60s each
  • Stabilize it – include stabilization at the wrist into your regular training
  • Spare it – do not do things like heavy wrist roll ups, that is adding wear and tear
  • Protect it – use the proper gloves and try not to fall on an open hand – hard to do

Here’s how to do it…

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click below

 If your wrist is giving you trouble and not getting significantly better, then it is time to get the sport physio to have a look and see what is going on in there.  This is ALWAYS your very best option.  If you don’t have access to a good sport physiotherapist, then my friend Rick Kaselj (you’ve met him here before) has a great program called ‘Fix My Wrist Pain’ that you might want to check out HERE.

Just working on a ‘300 Workout For Hockey’ so I will get that video edited and loaded up for you in the next few days; ’til then – go LEAFS GO!!