This helps you move quicker in the crease

If you have ever learned a language, you know there is a big difference between reading from the book and actually carrying on a conversation.  In the book everything is predictable, you work on one thing at a time.  When holding a conversation, it is free to go any direction.

The goalie agility drill I have for you today falls somewhere in the middle.

A game is comparable to carrying on a conversation.  This drill is like one of those “dialog’s” that we used to act out in French class (did anyone else have to act them out?).

Quicker Lateral Crease Movements For Goalies

This goalie agility drill uses a resistance band to give a little bit of overload – it is important that the band is not overpowering you.  You must be able to keep your speed up – I wrote an article on how to use resistance bands in your off-ice training HERE.

What makes this drill different is the asymmetrical pattern.

I picture you following a pass across in front of the crease with a big post-to-post drive and then quickly following the puck back across the ice as it is stickhandled back across by a shooter just waiting for you to fall behind and expose a gap for him to snipe the puck through.

Won’t he be disappointed.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click the link below…

Now it is your turn – give it a try.  Keep the volume low – 4-6 reps facing each direction.  Remember, the goal is speed and agility.

Happy training!

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