This guy stood out at Sabres camp

2015-07-08 08.06.19As you know I was in Buffalo this past week working with the goalies at the Sabres Development Camp.  In my mind I always plan on writing a detailed email to you telling you all about it, the lessons learned, etc…but once I get back into the grind that gets pushed way, way back to the back burner.
So here is the short version in bullet form…
  • The majority of the on ice work was focused on the basics – puck handling, skating, changing direction — staying low in your legs – sound familiar?
  • Yes, Jack Eichel stood out on the ice.  He was at the front of the line for almost every drill, one of the last guys off the ice.  When working on the basic puck handling drills Jack excelled – believe it or not, other guys struggled.
  • McCabe also stood out to me – he was quick, worked hard.
  • 2015-07-08 11.06.56For the goalies they had different shapes, sizes and strengths. Some had exceptional hip flexibility, others had average, but had a style of play that matched, so they excelled.
  • The best performers on the ice were also the ones who had the most questions about their off-ice training, how to get the most out of their time in the gym.
  • When watching from the stands it is GLARINGLY obvious who is working hard, who is on the ice early, who stays on late, who helps pick up pucks and who is down the tunnel as soon as the session is over.  If see it, then you can bet the Coaches and GM see it too.
  • From the security staff to the kitchen staff, trainers, strength staff and coaches, everyone was so friendly and pleasant to be around.  I think they have a good thing going there in Buffalo.  I even met Dan Bylsma – about 2 seconds after I had stuffed the last bite of my bagel and peanut butter into my mouth – so I smiled, nodded, chewed, mumbled at him…and some how he was so nice I didn’t even leave feeling like a total loser.
  • When you are a female at an NHL camp – they assume you are there to either cook or talk about nutrition – I was asked 4 times if I was the nutrition girl 🙂
  • When you are a female working with goalies at an NHL camp they will assume you are a yoga instructor 🙂  When I would tell someone that I was there to work with the goalies most would ask “oh, like yoga?” for the first few days I would explain that there was much more to it than that – – by day three I just said “yeah, yoga”
  • You are not missing anything – – If you are following one of my downloadable training programs, you are ahead of most of these guys.  Don’t get me wrong, they are training and they are mostly in great shape – but they are missing out on a lot of the functional strength work that we do.  So now they are at an NHL camp learning for the first time how to do many of these movements and patterns.
  • MM and Nick BadoI have the most awesome tribe… I love meeting you guys and gals as I travel around.  I love it when you stop my on the street (or Costco) in Vancouver, Toronto, Collingwood, Castle Rock, San Diego…anywhere – so please never be shy if you see me roaming your town.  This time I had the pleasure of sitting down for a coffee with Nick the BABL and it was one of the highlights of my trip.  He personifies the #OneDayBetter philosophy.  He understands that it is not easy and for him I don’t mean the workouts are hard or “I am so busy” it is hard…I mean really tough challenges that would throw most completely off track.  In the face of these challenges, he controls what he can and keeps battling.  Just an awesome guy – thanks for taking the time Nick!
  • There is a Tim Hortons all pimped out in Buffalo Sabres EVERYTHING – – that’s where Nick and I hung out.
  • The room at my hotel had a 18″x18″ pillar in the middle of it – I should have brought my TRX
  • For some reason Buffalo smells like chocolate chip cookies first thing in the morning – can anyone explain that?
Okay – that’s the wrap – I will have other stuff to share with you, but for now, I am outta here!

PS – you Sabres fans should be optimistic – I think they are doing all the right things developing that team.